Order Tags Sum at the footer


I am trying to create a template for a cloud kitchen setup. So basically the idea is that they will have to choose which meal needs what kind of utensils (i.e. Fork, Knife, Spoon etc.).

What I am trying to do is list my orders normally but at the bottom or footer to do a sum of all.

Table: T2
                  3x Item(s)
1x	Signature Pork Ribs
- 1/3 rack
- French Fries

1x	Ribs & Wings
- 1/3 rack + 1/4 wing
- Soup
- Salt Pepper & Lime
- Garlic Parmesan

1x	BBQ Chicken & Ribs
- 1/3 rack + 1 leg
- French Fries
### (So here I would have a sum of order tags like) ###
Forks x3
Spoon x1
Knife x3

The reason I need is because they want to keep track of how many of these they use and it would be much easier to read from.

@markjw did something similar here using product tags: