Order tags tied to a product

I am NEW to SambaPOS and so far love what I see. I have only had 3 hours with it, and have a good understanding of the application.

I went though the Order Tag Tutorial and have it working. But have a question.
I run a bagel shop. So my customers can order a bagel with cream cheese, a bagel with a side of cream cheese, a bagel with 2 sides of cream cheese, or just 1 cream cheese and no bagel. The cream cheese cost is all $1.00.

I created a product called Cream Cheese and set the price at $1.00

When I create my Order Tag, I can select a product. But the price used for the Order Tag is not the product price but the price that is keyed in to the Order Tag screen. So when the price of cream cheese goes up or down I have to change the price in two places? Is that correct?

Is there any way to tie the Order Tag price to a Product Price?