Orders from Mobile Client randomly NOT Submitted and NOT Printed

Hi Guys,

Just encountered this behavior at one of our clients’ restaurant.

Orders sent through Tablets as one order,

but shown on the Terminal was sent through as multiple orders

Did not print on the ticket either. So basically didn’t trigger anything.

and if look closely, you can see the Tuna Platter wasn’t submitted nor Fprinted (tag for Kitchen Display)

and Again this similar behavior occurred later on another table

It’s gone through as 2 orders, and Chicken Bibimbap wasn’t submitted nor Fprinted

It seems this only happens randomly, at least I haven’t seen a pattern yet.

I am not sure if this is due to some misconfiguration or maybe a network issue? If someone can point me to the direction where to troubleshoot this problem would be much appreciated.
Cheers Guys.

I am not sure why it happens but I do know that v3 is coming out soon. Its entirely new build of the app that works on both android and iOS.

Might be worth migrating to new version all together

Yeah Once V3 is out, we will definitely upgrade to it.
But at the moment, I would prefer to figure out this issue, as it seems this is reoccurring,
just in case if this is due to some misconfiguration, not mobile client issue.

We won’t be updating v2. V3 will be out very soon. I am not sure what is causing that but it seems it is not triggering automation.

According to time stamp they were not sent as one order? Are you sure? There is even different staff name

Hi Jesse, I understand that V2 won’t be updated.

Yeah, it is very strange to me too, as the first thing I noticed is that the same ticket somehow got split into 2 orders.

I was asking the client the same question referring to the timestamps.
and I was told there was only 1 staff present in the restaurant,
which made me confused too.

and with the 2nd time they are reporting the issue,
I noticed that the order was again sent through in 2 orders. and the 1st item of the 2nd order wasn’t printed nor triggered any automations.

and they keep saying that this was sent through as one order on the Mobile Client.
I don’t know if anyone else experienced anything similar?

There is definitely a time difference on the tablets and terminals. Also they are not telling you the truth. I would really press them.

to jump onto Jesse’s comment, for this stated reason is why we add everything we can to the ticket log

  • order added
  • order cancelled
  • payment received
  • state changes
  • ticket voided
  • etc.

So when the call comes and they say “that pre-order never showed on the KDS” we can say, “well, so-and-so marked it as complete at 1345 and the only way to do that is from the KDS”… * crickets *