OrderTag and Sum on ticket's bill


Here is my problem, the sum of the products list on the ticket does not mach the total of the ticket.

The total is correct.

I have 2 extras at $2 (SUP) each and 1 extra at $3 (SUP).
the printing template will join the lines of the 2 extras at $2.
It won’t dispay the total (2SUP at $2 =$4) but just the price of 1 extra ($2).

So when the customer sums him self the left column the total is 10 +3 + 2 = 15.
1 customer made a file against me for a similar ticket and I get a visit of the tax inspector next Tuesday.

So I need it to be correct it.

Right now I create a product with 0 price and if needed I give a price to that product with an order tag.
still writing …

Because your las order of 2 x sup has a tag of test at 2.00, 2.00 is the price of the tag not the total tag value for the 2 orders.
2x expresso at 5 =10+ 1x0 +1x3+2x0+2x2 = 17…

Its easily explained that 2 is the item price not the total… but its not an issue, just less obvious in your senario and template can easily be changed.

I would sujects setting your tag as include in product price personally, 0 price products just look odd in y opinion.

Alternatively you could try changing template to use {ORDER TAG TOTAL PRICE} rather than just {ORDER TAG PRICE}

In mine too … what else to manage unknown extras / services?

So set as include in product price…

-- Format for order tags

Not working, same ticket.

Then if you want to keep that way youll probably have to do a sum, something like [={QUANTITY}*{ORDER TAG TOTAL PRICE}]
Not sure if that will work.

You could also wrap the order {TOTAL AMOUNT} tag in square brackets so it doesnt show 0.00

Thanks I’ll play with it.

(“Add Tag Price to Order Price” : I find it more confusing)

How so, what does your template give you, guessing it still shows the 2.00 if using tag price?
Or again use square brackets to hide 0.00

In case of my example it would work.
SUP showing $4.00

But I guess that in case of Burger it would show:
Burger $12.00
xtra bacon $2.00 (and no way for the customer to know if it is already included of burger’s price or not)

sorry … that check is defined by “order Tag Group”, so I could define a “Order Tag Group” just for SUP.

I’ll check

Yes, and from memory if set to include in price the tag line itself doesnt have a value (because its included in the price)
You obviously dont want it showing included and on tag line as thats similar senario to your origional question.

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Ok thanks, I’ll check it out.

Less confusing to everyone if you leave “Add Tag Price to Order Price” UNCHECKED.

Modify your Template to calculate Order Tag Price * Quantity

Less confusing to everyone if you leave “Add Tag Price to Order Price” UNCHECKED.

Modify your Template to calculate Order Tag Total Price * Quantity … personally, I use something like this:

-- Format for order tags
<J00> * {ORDER TAG NAME} | [=TN('{ORDER TAG PRICE}')!=0 ? F((TN('{QUANTITY}')*TN('{ORDER TAG TOTAL PRICE}')),'0.00') : '-']