Over 50GB of Backups!

Ok so its now 2 years of SambaPOS at the hotel and just noticed low disk space warnings on server which is mostly backups (120gb SSD).
Ive removed most leaving just 1st of the month for the last 2 years and I now have 56GB Free…
I think V6 should have an incriment options on the backup.

On a seperate question, how big are your backups?
Mine are up to 160MB each, seems fairly hefty.
Am up to 148,000 tickets.

Venue 1, 5 years, 650 MB, compressed 40 MB

Venue 2, 2 years, 270 MB, compressed 16 MB

My Ticket Numbers are not nearly that high; there can be many reasons for that depending on your configuration. I also need to “preserve invoice numbers” due to Laws here requiring registering “Invoice Blocks”.

The largest table by far is [AccountTransactionValues] which contains at least 2 records per Transaction. I use Transaction Documents a lot, not just for Tickets, but for recording Supplier Purchases, Employee Wages, etc.

My backups are not done through SambaPOS’s backup module. They are done on Application Ending Event, using a BAT script. It uses sqlcmd to make the backup, then the script subsequently compresses the .bak file (7zip Maximum), and then deletes the .bak file. Saves a lot of space. The script also copies the compressed backups to my NAS.

Now and then I free up space by deleting backups older than a few months. Not much point in keeping them IMO.