Package entitlement fire later

I had a client who operate karaoke and they selling package for cover charges, for example each pax will entitled 2 drinks. But this bill will start the cover charges for pax but drinks will be ordering later. This drinks consider complement items but can’t excess the entitlement. At the same time, customer are able to change their free selections drink to beer but it need top up the difference.
If the bill having many pax, the monitoring for entitlement free drinks need to.manually control.
Need help from all master. Thanks.

I will try help,

There is a cover charge to enter and this cover charge entitles the customer to 2 free items of a certain value, they can also use this to purchase something else of higher value but have to pay the balance.

I would think the Gift Certificate Tutorial would achieve what you need. Issue the Gift Certificate to the value of the “pax” lets say $3. They can hand this in when claiming their free “pax” or pay the balance for a Beer if the Beer exceeds the certificate ( you would need a barcode scanner for this also). Try give a bit more information. Will you be selling the package at the door as customers come in or are they on sale prior the event.

Hi jay007,

Tq for your help, this cover charges will only starting during customer walking and start the ticket bill. For example,
2 pax
I need to.charges 2 cover charges and entitled 4 free drinks.

Cover charges 2. 40.00
Free drink. 0/4

The bill in system show above, the free drink 0/4
0 meaning nothing was order,
4 meaning total entitlement.

Continue order when customer later want to get their free drinks

Free drinks 2/4
Coke 1. 0.00
Sprite. 1. 0.00

There is 2 free drinks can convert to 1 beer as below

Free drinks 4/4
Coke 1 0.00
Sprite. 1 0.00
Beer. 1. 0.00

That is my scenario.