Packaged Selling Product

Hello Team and @emre

Is it possible to create something like below

If the customer order products separately, it will be like below
1 Bottle of Juice $8
1 Chicken              $5
1 Sandwich           $4
From Manage Screen, restaurant should be able to create the package as well like below:

1 Bottle of Juice + 1 Chicken                                                    : $10
1 Bottle of Juice + 1 Chicken + 1 Sandwich                           : $11

We usually have this kind of package selling in KFC, MacDonalds, etc

How can we achieve in SambaPOS ?

@JohnS and @emre

Can you please let me know whether it’s possible to achieve in SambaPOS ?


Do you have solution for this ?

Why not you just create it as a new product (eg. Chicken and Juice) and set a price for it?

We cannot keep track of how many products we have sold

And if we have many combinations, then it’s very difficult to create for each one

Good discussion. I’m really wondering why some people don’t consider it as a separate product. Don’t you want to keep track of how much Chicken + Juice you’ve sold?

On the other hand you should configure something to be able to give it a specific price so having too many combinations will be still an issue. In fact I don’t mean creating separate products for ALL combinations such as Chicken + Coke, Chicken + Fanta, etc… You can configure single Chicken + Drink product and select a drink type as an order tag.

I like discussing such topics since it sometimes leads to some undiscovered nice features.

No, not yet, I haven’t thought about it yet. I am convinced nearly anything is possible though, and what @emre suggests (using Order Tags) is probably the simplest way to go about it.

For example, I have many different soda products that I sell as a Menu Item on their own. However, I also have a Cocktail Builder that has all of my Sodas and Juices listed as Order Tags that I can select while selling an alcoholic drink, so it is somewhat similar in this regard. In my case, a soda would sell for 30, but as part of a Cocktail, it is Free, but you could have values for the Order Tags if you wanted.

Hello Guys,

I have a question, I don’t know if here is the place to ask:

The manager of a restaurant asked if I can create something like “packs”, let’s say for £40, or £50 where the customer can order anything from the menu. It’s like “all you can eat” option


Yes you can do that. This post is over 1 year old. Instead of resurrecting old posts start a new one and be specific with your need give us examples to help us better understand your need.