Padding in main menu before and after resize (and so in RDP). Images (I am accurate)

When I resize my beautiful Samba the padding of the main menu changes, and this is a good thing. But I don’t need space when my Samba start, also why for that space the scrollbars appear.

I need to remove that space (padding) like when I resize Samba. (When I resize Samba and then undo the resize back to original window size space disappears and is good!).

With the screenshot you can better understand.

ginoli some of the requests you are making involve code that is hardcoded in That is a design that is coded so buttons scale with multiple resolutions and hardware. Spacing, button look will be different depending on what hardware you use, screen size, resolution, etc. This is why it changes when you resize.

If emre was to change this it would be changed for EVERYONE and then all those people already used to their screen layout and look would be upset. It doesn’t sound like a practical change.

@kendash, I refer to the same hardware. When I click twice on SambaPos logo, the window is not full screen and I can resize. The space to which I refer is always on the same pc and the same window Samba.

it is clear now?

Yes but what I am saying is the change he would have to do would change it for my computer or someone elses computer because we do NOT have the same hardware as you. And personally I am happy with how it scales now.

If you are double clicking the logo to resize into a window… and then pressing maximize button to go back to full screen… you are technically not back at full screen yet… to go back to full screen you would double click Samba logo again

So if your using the maximize button on the window after double clicking logo to resize… it is resizing the window to a size that your buttons scale differently too. If you double click logo and go back to true full screen the buttons would go right back to the first scale.

Yes I know, but I do not need scaling of space, beacause of the scrollbars appearing.

And btw in Windows 8.1 when I reclick twice on logo of SambaPos the Windows’s Applications Bar remains visible. A real nuisance! And I have to restart SambaPos (to remain in fullscreen) to avoid Windows Applications Bar.

I am running windows 8.1 and if I double click logo it resizes into window mode… when I double click the logo again it goes back to fullscreen/non window

You are logged in as admin and you have not removed the Allow resize to full screen permission for admin?

Yes. My Windows Bar remains. Because of video drivers maybe?


Fixed that. The Windows bar remains only when I before the reclick on the Samba’s logo I maximize the window.

Odd it works for me regardless if I maximize before or not.