Paid Assistance

Can anyone help with getting various ongoing issues resolved with our system. We started with Zepos who obviously are out to rip people off. After this we moved on to another member on this forum who we struggle to get a response from, after being told they would help and us paying them.

if anyone could advise a reliable company that will help us get this system running properly it would be much appreciated as at this rate we will need to look for another system.

Thanks in advance

I changed your listing yo an add.

What issues were you facing?
I know mark has helped a few people who zepos messed about.

If someone is already helping you and you have paid them that makes me wonder just how fast you need this done and how complicated it really is. Can you be forthcoming and let is know what we may be getting into? Do you need it really fast? That can affect things. How complex is this going to be?

The person that has not contacted you can you pm me who this is? I would like to discuss it with them to try and see what is happening.

Ok @Princeofwales I found the forum member that was helping you. Please be patient. This is a highly valued partner for SambaPOS he does high quality work and runs a very reputable company here.

I am 100% confident he will respond to you and help you resolve your issue.

We are very sorry for zepos they are a cancer.

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