Paid / unpaid as a tag

Hi @emre

I have the following setup for paid unpaid as a tag, if anyone can help me and show me what I am doing wrong as the tag is not working:

  1. Paid Unpaid Button

  2. Action / PaidUnpaid Ask Question

  3. Action / PaidUnpaid Refresh Ticket

  4. Action / PaidUnpaid Store Paid or Unpaid

  5. Action / PaidUnpaid Update Ticket Tag

  6. Rule / PaidUnpaid Ask Paid or Unpaid

  7. Rule / PaidUnpaid Tag Ticket

If you want to have ticket tag, this is simpler using builtin Ticket Tag (Main Menu->Tickets).

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Thank you for help, but normal tagging will not help me as the idea behind my process is when the staff close the ticket for delivery the message will pup up and ask the staff if the order is paid or unpaid.

Your Actions are setting different Tag Names, when you should be setting the same Tag Name (ie. PaidUnpaid) using different Tag Values (ie. Paid, Unpaid, (blank))

Could you please help me, could you please fix it for me

Thank you

I am also interested :slight_smile:

Have you done what QMckay suggestion yet?
1 Ticket Tag Name
1 Program Setting
You will read/set the Value of tag not tag name.


It is not working,

What is not working? You gotta give us more than that. Show us what you tried, give us screenshots etc. Obviously you made a mistake but we have no idea what it is until we can see it.


I am trying to force my employee to select if the ticket is paid or not paid before he close the ticket for delivery?

I have post some images for my sitting but still not workings, any help will be much appreciated?

Of course, it is not working. QMckay told you already but you don’t do anything, please don’t wait for someone to do it for you.

Again the problem is You never set Tag Value, it will never work. You only need 1 ticket tag not two and set the value to Paid or Unpaid.

The more you try, more benefit to yourself.

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