(PAID WORK) Help setting up SQL database for RDP Connection

Willing to pay anyone who can setup the following for me.

I currently have on site 1 All-In-One touchscreen till with SambaPOS V5 installed. I would like to add a second headless station (HP Optilex i5 desktop PC) which will run for iPads via RDP and obviously will be networked and synced with the existing SambaPOS database on the existing all in one till.

Happy to pay for the work to be done.

send me a pm happy to help

Can anyone help thanks ?

Did you send Laura a pm?

Yes and whatsapp, but all she seems to do is read and not reply.

I’m verry sorry i had some trouble with my iphone :frowning:

I strongly encourage you not to use the rdp wrapper if you want consistently reliable performance. You can get by using it if you don’t mind occasional slowdowns.

what do you recommend instead?