Parallel Port for receipt printer?

Someone gave me an old Posligne till and receipt printer without the correct leads, so I had no idea what was needed for what.

I found a 25 pin male to male as the POS and receipt printer both had these connections. I hooked them up, installed the printer and I cant seem to see it?

POS manual online says its a parallel… its running on XP any idea?

Other option is USB A connector to USB A, which I have ordered… just thought this would be easier as I had one of thee connectors here now.


XP? you using V3 on that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Never used parallel myself, pretty sure its fairly similar in installation to serial ie you need to choose the LTP (rather than COM for serial) port its plugged into.

yeah but thats a different forum i think and I like you guys :slight_smile:

I tried LPT didn’t get anywhere… Ill try again see what happens using different number


You have a computer with multiple parallel ports? LOL, struggle to see a computer with one nowday.

nawwwww, the printer settings say LPT1, 2 and 3

Anyway tried all three and it doesn’t even print a test page?


I actually connected one of these a couple days ago on Win 7 with SambaPOS V4.

In Windows Printers, I installed it as a Generic / Text Only Printer connected to Port LPT1. This is a “driver” built in to Windows, since I could not find a “real” driver for the printer. Fired Test Page and it worked.

In SambaPOS I first thought it would be a Port Printer and tried LPT as the Port, but it seems it only accepts COM ports.

So instead I set it to Windows Printer, and manually entered the name of the Printer in the Printer / Share Name field.

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Thing is, I have the driver… I just doesn’t print. The printer says “ready” in printers and devices… but it seems to say that no matter what port I tell it its connected to.

The pub opens in 7 days, hope the USB cable works that I’ve ordered.

Bleddy landlords scrimping eh!


Bodged a USB cable and it works.

Can get onto programming this now… Just have to wait for the non bodged USB cables to arrive