Passing external fiscal printer commands

Hello to everyone!
I have an issue while trying to pass external commands that are needed when printing to a fiscal printer. The issue is that the fiscal printer needs a command at the beginning of the template. As tag characters are also used by the sambapos printing subsystem, the above command is not recognized. Any ideas?

Hello Mark,

I changed your topic to a question category, Issue should only be used if it’s something clearly broken in SambaPOS. Configuration questions should use Question category and Feature Requests should use the Request category.

I am not familiar with fiscal printers but surely someone else in the community is and they will reply.

There have been some fairly in depth discussions about fiscal printers in the past, have you tried searching?

Try using Raw Printer type. It directly sends commands to printer without any processing.

Not a fiscal printer but here we used barcode printer specific commands to print barcodes.

I hope that helps.

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