Password Protect Backups?

Is it possible to password protect sambapos backups?
On my old system I had a staff member mess up a transaction and they restored the database to try hide their mistake. I don’t want this happening again.
I know I could disable the manage button for staff but I will need to give access for managers to edit products etc.

You can do that with Windows tasks or a bat file after running a backup. There is not going to be a Sambapos feature to do that.

A better method would be to not use built in module and use MSSMS for your backups. Just uninstall the module.

Yes i had thought of that, I was just wondering if there was a built in feature to do it for me.
If only it was possible to separate the Products menu from the Management module, it would solve alot of management issues.

Well you could technically but it would require a lot of configuration using an entity screen, editor widget and YAML scripts, possibly config task with execute task as well.

I don’t think you can uninstall the database backup module in V5 ?

One easy option without having to create your own scripts is use The Professional version ($69) supports password protecting the backup. I’ve used the free version before.

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Your right sorry I forgot it was built in.

What level of staff are they to have admin access?

This would be a situation where the ability to set permissions for admin sections would prove useful.

I agree thats useful but I think anything to do with Products, inventory, etc should not even be in a manage screen. I think @QMcKay shares that same sentiment.


Shift managers who will be adding new products, updating prices etc
General staff will have no access.

I agree @Jesse If these were moved from the manage to the warehouse screen, to keep everything product and inventory related available from the one menu, It would also be easier manage user access

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My opinion is that Manage should be for configuration purposes and anything that relates to business function that employees need access too should be separate.


My position as we have discussed before is that a manager should be able to be given access to add products or update prices without having configuration access like accounts, automation etc.
Even users, I would personally allow a manager who is trusted to handle banking and left in charge during holidays etc would be able to add a new user or change a user pin (moreso for those using RFID or MSR where cards get lost or broken)