Passwords aren't recognized

My Sambapos version is 5.5.0, the mobile version is v 2.0.54 on a Galaxy S21 FE.

I’d like to try using the mobile client again but the passwords aren’t recognized even if I change them on the Sambapos server.

It was easier to use pen and paper last summer because it kept crashing. Do you know if there is more recent version that works better.

Many thanks for your attention.

Version 3 is released and we will not be supporting v2 any longer. I recommend updating to 5.5.8 and mc3

Thank you. It updated without any fuss, brilliant; I was worried a bit. I’ll try to update the mobile tomorrow, scary stuff! Do I simply download the sambapos android CiD file to the tablet and click on it?

You get mc3 through playstore


It was so easy, many thanks Jess, you’re a genius.

If you’re still there, the tablet shows the beautiful new layout but says it is disconnected.

Ah, that’s more like the Sambapos we know and love; twenty pages plus a hundred links to complete a task.

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Haha it’s actually fairly simple to connect mc3 but a lot of users want step by step for every step so we provide it best we can.

I’d much prefer the simple version.

Good morning, Jesse

I’ve installed it okay, I think. Just a couple of problems that you could help me with, if that’s alright with you.

I can place an order on the tablet but can’t cancel any items.
Some products aren’t found. In the order screen, on certain products, I get “Product not found”.
Have a jolly Sunday, I’ll get back to preparing lunch.


To cancel you press and hold to bring up cancel menu.

Try to resend your menu. Also it could be spelling issue if you used special characters.

Hello @chef,

The reason of the situation that you encounter is writing different things into the Product and Name columns for the related product’s category, you can check it from the below path;

Main Menu > Manage > Products > Menu List > Menu > Select Related Category > Edit Product Properties > Check Product and Name Columns

As you see in the below image the Product and Name Columns are written differently. You need to copy the Product column and paste into the Name column exactly and then click on Ok button.

After fixing the above part;

  • You need to restart SambaPOS Messaging Server from Windows > Services part

  • Click on Database Update button which can be found at the right bottom part on the Login Screen of the SambaPOS Mobile Client MC3 App.

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