Paying via a tablet

Shortly after buying the software and tablet addon, I was told to expect a payment facility on the tablet. It is a pain going to the PC each time that customers pay their bill; I haven’t heard anything from Sambapos, have you?

It was referred to in comment about future version. Haven’t heard an ETA on this.

Where do you live? For the USA we just got certified by one of our providers. If you are in the USA you can pm me and I can give more details.

Anything outside of the USA I am not sure about yet. I am speaking about CC processing.

Yes the ability to accept payments from mobile app is coming very soon.

I don’t need to accept payments via the app just to be able to mark a bill as paid by cash, cheque or card.

We added this functionality to Mobile Client. After tests we will publish it.


Excellent, that will be a great timesaver. The season is just starting here; will the tests take long?

Aprx 15-20 days. It’s critical part of SambaPOS. We dont want any error.


Are we error free and ready to download?

Dear Brother,
Let me know how can we set up “Settle or Payment” at Android Mobile Client?

No, android app is for taking orders only.

Payments is coming. We have it with TSYS in the States.

Is settle available in the current version?


The current version 2 mobile app does not support settle. Our new app will support settle when we release version 3. We are still working on it.