Payment at table via customer device/QR code

During recent travel I was eating at Griddle in SEATAC and they’re now allowing customers to pay at the table using their phone and a web browser. The customer would scan a QR code and it would take them to a webpage where they could pay via card or their digital wallet. Their POS was uploading the details of the table to the system and it would allow for settlement and tipping.

Given the current state of things, this seemed like a really slick way for quick payment without adding on additional hardware costs to a business. I see some solution for this using payment terminals, however I think the future is customer device driven.

Any thoughts of building something like this out?


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Take a look at my esign setup, since its an external service it will be an api post which samba can do.
And nothing else you can use the html popup to display qr code.
My esign setup had a system to check if it had been signed yet or not which is probably how you would need to check/process payment unless they do an intergration there end to put a payment processed into samba

We will be supporting this for USA very soon. One thing to understand about it is that transactions done this way are considered card not present and typically cost more to process. However it is a great alternative payment method considering the current situation with Covid.

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Let me know when this is ready to go Jesse. I figured it would be treated the same as any online payment gateway which is generally more expensive. Regardless, it would save our servers time not having to check on the table for payment or adjust tips. Its likely a wash considering the time they get


In our hotel booking system this is the case when making a charge from our end however am pretty sure the customer side where they put in card and CSV to make deposit etc is not hit with a full blown card not present since verification with csv/address is done. The premium comes from increased risk of undefendable chargebacks

We’ve never won a chargeback. Its definentely the risk of accepting card payments. Fortunately, this is fairly limited and if your average ticket size isn’t huge it doesn’t impact business drastically. Due to the limited occurences of chargebacks, we’ve considering not requiring signatures in the past.

As for the CVC, the pay-at-table system I used required CVC. I would also wonder if pricing is reduced using Apple Pay or other digital wallets.

I beleive apple pay etc are normal transaction rates, security wise they are considered verified as with pin etc.

Won’t be, its just another payment method.

If you put in a card, it is not “customer not present” because you have a physical card. Customer not present is either its keyed in from phone which will usually attract higher rate on your card machine, or its ecommerce when the customer enters themselves online (whether or not on premises, its still online). Ecommerce is going to be higher cost but different from “customer not present”.

Generally if its not a swiped card through a physical terminal and its entered online its considered Card Not Present. In these cases even though the person is there in front of you, the capture point is their own phone via an online gateway.