Payment Details and Ticket Tags


I am using the this script (Store Credit Card type/digits & other Payment Info using Payment Description) to capture Card Type and last four digits when a Credit Card payment is made, however I am looking to capture a few more fields such as card entry method (swipe, tab, chip, etc) and the auth code from the external system. I can accomplish this easy in the script and append them to the description, but I would like to setup things a little different so I can use that data later. My first thought is if I can save some of the variables as ticket tags. I have tried Data.Set(“tickettag.xxxxx”,variable) or some variations of such with no luck. Is this possible? I have searched this forum and cannot find any examples of where this has been done.

My other thought is that I see in the Printer Templates a (Payment Details:X) field, Is this accessable to setup fields similar to ticket tags or is this reserved for integrated payments? This would be much nicer because it would save the details per payment method and not write over itself if a second payment method is used.

Again, I now I can capture the details outside of the script but doing it this way allows the data per payment processed to be captured. The other option is if I save everything in the description, is there a way I can call a script that parses out the description later if the data is separated by a common character (, / - etc) and then store them?

Sorry to make things complicated, but I’ve been scratching my head on this one for a little while!

This is for our integrated payments.

I am showing you are in Ohio? We have integrated payments partners here and I highly suggest you PM me we have very good options for this. Both with International Bankcard and TSYS. I would be very curious why you would not want to look into an integrated payment solution.

What I did was have a rule that fires on payment processed and Payment Type Name Contains Credit Card (contains, because I have shift accounts) then asks for the specifics and tags the ticket with the entered information.