Payment integration is ready for Australia

Desktop credit card payment solution is ready for Australia!

Integration was completed successfully with Quest Payment Systems.

You can easily and securely get credit card payments.

You can find the free license on for the integration.

One license is enough to activate multiple devices in one restaurant. Also license is FREE !


@VehbiEmiroglu Any documents for this? I want to know more. Thanks

If you are wanting this integration pm me and I can help guide you. Or email me

Thank you @Jesse I sent email to Quest Payment Systems I want to know about their fee (transaction fee, monthly fee) waiting for them to reply.

Please let me contact them for you. We have special rates setup for our partnership and we need to go through our team this is very new.

Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Jesse, can you please let me know about Quest fees etc when you get some informations. i’ve been waiting this integration for a looong time. TIA

It would be best for you to email me and then I can connect you to our rep.

thanks Jesse, sent you an email