Payment method for delivery credit card is not working,

Payment method for delivery credit card is not working,

You need to explain more because delivery is something you need to configure. Not all delivery is the same for everybody.

There’s a delivery tab in For food delivery order and I have added a button like this Cash and Credit Card. The cash button is working fine but Credit card one is not working.

And one more thing I need to add a new button named as online Payment.

Did you create the actions and rules for the button?

I have created action and rules for Cash Button but not the one named with Credit Card.
and can you please share me how to add another button to it?

If you created an action and rule for the Cash button, you should be able to do the same thing for Credit Card and Online payments, just substitute the appropriate payment method.

If you still need help, post screen shots of your Cash actions and rules…or your progress with Credit Card and online payments.

Yea, I have added the action and rules but is working fine when i complete the transaction from credit card,
But after i checked the account section it doesn’t shows up the transaction made through credit card.

Show your rules and actions for the credit card payment.

Did you link the correct transaction types etc?