Payment processor and calculations

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I want a setup like- (Credit card tip) we add amount to ticket amount as explained but I want to show the same amout in report Cash-CCtip= Remaining cash in till , so basically it solves my cashout problem, as here locally lot of customers asks cashout if they buy something add Example$10 to the sale ., That $10 is not a sale and need to deduct from Cash sale .How can I setup this any ideas?

Man what is with people and resurrecting really old posts lately. That post was from 2014. It is much better if you explain in detail your exact issue instead of making us read an old post to try and guess what you mean.

So you want to setup a Credit Card Processor that handles extra amount and puts it in Cash account so Cash is balanced?

PS: I changed this to v5 Question. V5 is released now so we should ask questions in public forum.