Payment Processor On SubTotal

I have a tax in our region

But for Voucher Payment, I should collect money on Subttoal not on GrandTotal.

GrandTotal is nothing but a Subttoal + Tax

Is it possible ?


Any update on this Post ?

I dont understand you question for one…
If voucher is used for subtotal how is the tax paid?

Is tax paid after voucher? Or are you saying there is no Tax if voucher used?

Here it is

The Ticket Total is 30$

Tax is 10% 3$

Total : 33 $

If the person is paying by Voucher of Value 10$

it should deduct from 30$

It will be

Ticket Total : 30$
Voucher : 10$
Remaining : 20$
Tax : 2$
Total to be Paid : 22$

Ok so what if this happens?

Ticket total is 30
Tax is 10% 3
Total is 33

Person pays with 40 voucher

There will not be a voucher above ticket value
And Minimum total value is above 30

And voucher would be between around 5 to 10$

It just like discount (calculation) but with tax included option checked.

Is that legitimate?
So using voucher credit is tax free???

I have already sold my voucher including TAX and I should not charge him again the taxes

That vouchers are pre printed papers. And each carries the value. It will be $5,$10 etc… It is already an inclusive of tax.

People buy those vouchers and they will give to their friends or colleagues etc

When it is claiming, it should be deducted from the sub total

How to do that ?

Did you see that response?

I still don’t think that adds up.
Is a $5 voucher $5 plus tax

Personally I would not declair a voucher sale as taxable sale, our vouchers are credit payments on account.
The tax is charged on the actual sale made when the voucher is claimed.