Payment Processor Script

OK - i’m stuck !!

I need the current ticket ID etc in my payment processor script

This works

var test = Data.Get(“paymentTypeName”) ;
dlg.ShowMessage(test) ;

So my script is called, what I need now is to return the current ticket ID/number

My head hurts lol

Return ticket id to where? Payment processor doesn’t have a return destination does it?
What are you doing?

My bad terminology possibly… (probably lol)
I want to use the current ticket id within the script which is called by the payment processor

What is the script to do?

I have set up a payment type ‘Charge To Room’
I want to run my PMS posting script ( which works fine … ) by calling the script from the payment processor script option. The script just needs the ticket number from the ticket bei ng processed.

Just wanted to clarify, youve mentioned ticket ID and ticket number, both of these are different and are available at different times:

  • Ticket Number is assigned when a new ticket is opened
  • Ticket ID isnt assigned until the ticket is closed and written to the database

So if your’e using Ticket ID with payment processed it may not be working because the Ticket ID doesnt exist at that point

Have you tried using Ticket Number instead?

I havent used payment processors or done any integrations with PMS etc, but was just my thoughts from what ive read in your post

Yep a quick ‘save ticket’ in a payment processing rule sorted that…
I gave up on calling the script from the Payment Processor and put the script call in a rule instead
More that one way of skinning a :cat: !!

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Check my PMS topic.
I did mine on command rather than payment processor script.
The charge to room script has to come back true (PMS returned charged responce for payment to then be processed with pay ticket action.

Thanks for that, pretty much what I have done, with a bill print added when a successful charge had been made and the ticket paid.
I have than added a ‘smacked wrist’ popup for when someone tried to charge items to a room entity that is not checked in :rofl:


You can disable entities somehow, thats what I have although was a while back and cant remember how off top of my head, non checked in rooms are greyed out and not selectable.
Are you using entity or entering room number on charge?
My setup room charge is only visable when a room entity is selected so you cant charge to a room without selecting and cant select unless checked in.