Payment report by item, possible?

hi guys!

are this is possible to get a payment report by item?
till now i manege to get a report only sales report by item or at least by group,
so at the and of the day i’ll know how much cash i receive that day for every product and not how much i sell (because the seals report including a holds ticket that i haven’t receive the money yet)
i need report something like in this photo


thank you!

This is not possible… Payment is ticket level not order level.
If I buy two things one 6 and one 4. But I pay 8 on card and 2 on cash how does that allocate/report?

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ok i understand,

any alternative idea how to get a spared cash report fro only 1 item?

maybe is possible to get a department report separately?
If yes I’ll create a different department with only 1 open item and and connect to only 1 entity and maybe also different ticket type , and than in night I’ll have cash report from each department.
you think it’s possible?

Maybe if you explain why you need to know if a specific item was paid cash we might be able to offer ideas but for the reasons above there is no direct link between orders and payment types.

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thanks for your help!

well, i have a small resort with a few bungalows and restaurant and every night i need to report to the office cash income separate restaurant and bungalows, but i can’t use the seals report because some of this sales not been paid yet and been hold for check out day.