Payment Report where TEN is blank

I’ve been playing around with the payment report and I’m trying to filter payments that do not contain either a specific ticket entity. I’ve tried many different variations, but no luck. I’m sure its possible and I’m just missing something.

${REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:CA.Tip,EN.Sources:(TS.Status=Paid) && (TEN.Server={SETTING:CURRENTUSER}) && (PA=Credit Card)}


I’m trying to get the amounts that isn’t assigned a Ticket Entity Source. Some of things I’ve tried:

TEN.Sources = null
TEN.Sources = ‘’
TEN.Sources != “Takeout Order”

All of these come up blank.

Above shows EN.Sources as a field
Then you say TEN.Source as a filter.

Either way positive matching is always easier. Could you factor in a default value?
Are you sure TEN is a valid filter for payment report?
Recommend testing expressions using a positive match first or including as report field to ensure it is returning and returning value expected.

I only have it as a field to help with getting the report figured out. EN and TEN is how its listed in Emre’s post.

TEN is definently a valid filter:

[Tip Fix:1,2,1]
${REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:CA.Tip,EN.Sources,T.Id:(TS.Status=Paid) && (TEN.Server={SETTING:CURRENTUSER}) && (PA=Credit Card) && (TEN.Sources=Takeout Order)}


vs with no filter


ENC Ticket.Entity Name Contains

Maybe that can be useful?

I tried something like TENC.Sources!=o since all the source names have an o in it (using tables and customers for dine-in). Originally I had takeout as a different ticket type, but that was causing some issues between departments.

I’m also considering a ticket tag, since I should be able to define dine-in vs take-out easily since takeout ticket creation are using automation commands on that screen.

Overall it would be great if filters worked well with blank/null values. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn’t.

I think issue might be the !=, know a few things where filters can only be positive matching.
Have you seen any examples where the filter is post expression. Can’t find an example right not but sure I have seen examples where rows are skipped using field rather than as part of the report expression itself.