Payment Screen Over Tender for Account Issue/Bug

Not sure if this is a bug but doesnt seem right to me.

Ok so have credit account for gift vouchers.
I have gift voucher with balance of £20
Ticket total is £6.50
If I tender £20 and select Gift Voucher payment screen shows this;

Transaction only shows sale/debit of 6.50, if there was a debit of 20 and credit of 13.50 it would make more sense but I would have thought there is no reason to allow over tender for account which is probably whats hapening in only showing 6.50 on tender but if thats the case why the change message?

Sorry, what is the real issue here? You over-tendered payment with the Voucher (20).

Unless you have your Voucher payment process set up differently, then it will act the same as Cash or Credit Card. If you over-tender, it will show a Change Due message.

This is partly why the GC setup seems oddly complex - it ensures exact tender, so no Change Due message appears.

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Fair enough, I did opt for a more basic solution admittedly.

Its not an issue exactly, and doesn’t effect account but surely this is not right?
It works similarly with normal account like customer accounts.
It doesnt bother me but I can see some people having staff which would then unwittingly give the change in cash.
I think this should be adapted at emres end as it is the case for all accounts.
I would suggest that there should maybe be a prompt on the payment screen which prevents over tender.
HOWEVER looking more deeply even cash and card doesnt show transactions like I would have expected.
I would have guessed that it would show tendered amount credit and then change amount debit…
Perhaps there should be an option on payment type or a payment processor to prevent over tender.

You can customize it to set limit so it can’t exceed total. Why would Emre need to hardcode that?

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Payment processor limit?

I don’t understand your last comment about credit and debit. Do you think payment types not working?

No, was saying I expected if you tendered £20 and change was £5 the transactions would be £20 received £5 returned.
My credit debit terminology might be wrong.

So how would you show amount actually paid?

Hmmm. good point, in regards to ticket… Obviously accounts would balance…

Tendered amount is exactly that the amount given by customer to pay for product. Payment would be value of product plus fees or taxes etc. change is difference.

A voucher or gift card should be constrained so it can’t tender more than balance due.

I understand that, but all I was saying is that I expected the transactions to report 20 received and then the 5 returned rather than just the payment amount.

Lol 20 tendered is amount received. It does show all of that plus payment amount.

What is else would tendered amount be?

Yes, exactly. Even that payment will show Change Due if you over-tender.

I do not agree. A Payment Type is simply a Payment Type. There is no “awareness” as to the “type” of payment, be it Cash, CC, Cust Acct, Voucher, GC, Cash USD, CC USD, or a Sack of Gold. If you over-tender, Change Due will be shown. It is your responsibility to prevent this from happening. That is what Payment Processors were designed for.

As for Change Transactions not showing, you are correct - you cannot see them anywhere, because they are not exactly “real” transactions. Plus, you need to define the Change Transaction Types if you want to “see” them… and then they only apply if you have more than 1 currency. This is so you can track which currency the change was given in…

The above took foreign currency USD 20 (400) as tender, then gave me the choice of how to pay Change.

On the other hand, if I do not tender foreign currency, and take 400 for a 120 Ticket, we see only the following, because the “Change” is not important…


QMcKay knows what I mean.

Either way to a solution, how can we use payment processors to prevent over payment?

Tried this but doesnt seem to work…

Sorry I know what you mean I probably worded some bad responses i was trying to get you to see it yourself why it’s a good thing they are setup the way they are.

You have several options including payment confirmation or using some automation among other options. I am on my phone so I can’t really show you right now.

No worries, if you wouldnt mind assisting me with it when you have time :smile:

Is this what you want?

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I think, he is asking like this.

Whenever the customer pays the VOUCHER $5 but the REMAINING TOTAL is $2, we should not show them REMAINING TOTAL as $3, System should just go to next order.

Do we have any payment processor for this ?