Payment semi-integration and online order

Hi, so I’ve been asking this before but did not got a clear answer so I would like to try this again

Is it possible to semi integrate a payment system(send payment amount to debit/credit machine and receive back response) I got told by the provider to ask the software developers as they know what to do

The 2nd question is I would like to integrate an online order service that I have and use it with samba pos

3rd question is would these features be available in v4 or v5 only (I’m using v4 for 3+years now)
If only in v5 how much is a license price for Canada
Thank you for your input

V5 only for these things.

Card machine is possible, samba themselves have done integrations with a couple of providers i believe, I know they have doe one with payment sense who are available here i the uk. Not sure about coverage i other countries.
It is i theory possible to make your own basic integration but requires the creation of dll files to go with the custom device options i local settings which is not a basic thing to do. Do yourself a favour and at least mention which provider you use…

regarding online order service, again, what service, there has been a gloria food integration done and documented on the forum, the possibility of this will depend o if your service offers an api as without that it will generally not be possible. Again you dont offer enough information to offer real answers.

re licence for V5, you are recommended to contact your nearest reseller as samba no longer sell licences direct. If you struggle to contact a local reseller I have a shop on my website at where I list V5 Licence only for DIY setup for £99GBP.

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Payment processing company I use right now is First Data (this could be changed to accommodate semi integration ex. Chase paymentech or Moneris)
The online order service I use is local one called Mealsy but I could ask them whatever information if I know what to ask for in order to integrate with sambapos

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There was discussions about first data before o the forum. Paymentsence are resellers of firstdata but they provide the terminals so are able to sort intergration because of that. Plus samba worked with them.

Online orders wise you need to know if they have an api…

The best online ordering service I Have found is Gloriafood. I have integrated it with Sambapos for my restaurant and I use their online credit card service with Braintree as my processor for online cc payments. I also let them choose card at restaurant or cash at restaurant.

Ok so I talked with first data support and sent me cable to communicate with computer/pos also downloaded file in the terminal verifone vx820 so its semi integrated ready now could someone guide me pls what commands to put where so I can try this
Really appreciate
Thank you

There are no commands to make that work. We need to know how it connects, how we can communicate with it.

There is a rs232 port and usb on the cable

That does not help us at all. Just having a cable is not enough. We need to know how to communicate to the device. Is there a .dll file or an API that we can use to connect to it?

They told me that the software developers have the files/codes to communicate with vx820

Lol no, they are working on some integrations but First Data has no idea what Sambapos is doing. What they told you is basically here is a cable now your POS company needs to support it. Doesn’t mean they can or will.

Currently there is not integration support for First Data.

Ok so I found a way to semi integrate with my provider thru a 3rd party I would need to input this XML

Actually this is a sample just wanna make sure it will work
Any idea where? I guess somewhere when pressing debit ?

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JScript in SampPOS has an XML formatter and XML parser, so…

There would be no issue forming that XML using JScript and sending it… somewhere. The question is: where? You need an address/IP of the machine.

On the other hand, if the provider is sending that information, you could read and parse it in JScript. But in this case, SambaPOS would need to be “listening” for the transmission.

The bottom line is … they (or you) still have not given enough information to work with.

Yes there is further info coming ip adress and so on just wanted to make sure it works as I don’t want to sign up with them if no go on the soft
I send that xml to them than they send back response
I will post full info

Just FYI I’ve been in discussion with Sambapos and they are in negotiation phase with Bank of America for USA integrated CC payments.

The machine I have on trial from payment express before samba did an intergration with payment sense used similar xml.
Sending the message was easy, it was listening for reply that was the challenge.