Payment Sense Integration Rare Issue Where Payment Is Marked as Paid!

I’m using payment sense integration on SambaPOS v5.3.6 and agree it works much better than the previous PAC gateway app however I believe there is still some possible issues with this integration that needs to be looked at.

I have seen on two separate occasions the ticket marked as paid and closed although this was not the case. I was able to confirm via the Payment Sense App that the payments were not processed. In fact on one occasion the customer took a while to present his card and then when he did eventually present his card it kept saying re-trying and eventually closed the ticket as paid.

Is it possible to improve the integration so that without a authorisation code to not actually close the ticket. Is this possible?

To be fair this may posibly not be samba issue,
I handle daipy bookkeeping/reconciliation for hotel group handling a large number of transactions. They don’t actually use the intergration yet but from time to time do get your described senario.
Am not saying its not a bug, may well be, but at least 2/3 times I have had a receipt from the card machine with an auth code but the transaction didn’t actually happen.
Over the years this hasn’t just been paymentsense, had similar a few times with world pay and elavon over the years.
Had straight up been told before that even an auth code doesn’t guarantee payment. Sounds crazy right!!

Anyway to the point, really need to get detail on how to replicate the issue you have seen, if can’t replicate it, it’s very hard for dev to investigate and resolve if issue were on samba side.
What I am saying is don’t rule out that samba may well have received successful response from paymentsense, in which case isn’t much samba themselves can do.

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@JTRTech Thanks for your response. It is a very rare issue as most customer present their card in a timely manner.

The thing is it happened when a payment was requested and a card was not presented. (Slow customer) Then it kept re-trying to the point where the sum disappeared on the terminal but SambaPOS still re-trying and eventually closed the ticket as paid.

No authorisation or card was presented. If I can re-create the problem I will post again.

I cant put it down to the payment provider as a card was not presented.

If it is a simple case if timeout this should be easily replicatable.
Am pretty sure timeout marked as paid was a bug I raise in an early beta which was resolved from my tests.
Maybe check up to date but as said if timeout it should be easy to replicate…

I would have to look into it further and see if I can replicate the issue.