Payment Sense Pay at Table Integration (UK)

We finished the Pay at Table Integration of Payment Sense. You can access documents from here:

If you want to use this payment integration please contact with us. (Only United Kingdom)

I have terminal from them and one of the hotels is with payment sense but Was unable to setup when signed up due to delays with intergration.
Will have a play and see.

What can i do for you ?

Couldn’t find documentation at the time, now I have it I will have a go.
Sincw it uses API guessing it needs latest version?
Will have a play on dev machine as site is still on .60

Huh. 5.1.60 is very old :slight_smile: Please use never versions.

@JTRTech the card machine needs reconfigured by paymentsense. I suggest you to setup on your demo card machine first (you still have it?), Vehbi can request them to reconfigure it or you may be able to contact and request yourself. You can also create your own receipt template in SambaPOS and have the card machine print that but it doesn’t use SambaPOS format, it is in JSON. I note the user guide makes no mention of that (the screenshot is from an earlier version). The default receipt template is quite lacking, especially for UK market.

I’m still working on my receipt template.

You need to use SambaPOS v5.2.6 or later.

Thanks @markjw yes we must add new receipt template option to document. We will add it Monday morning. @JTRTech if you want i will contact with Payment Sense for you and then you will use your terminal.

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@JTRTech also, AFAIK when using card machine with Pay at table (PAT), it will also work as standalone mode. The Pay at counter (PAC) integration currently available from SambaPOS can’t be used at the same time as PAT on the same machine (but you said you are not using anyway?). I believe once new PAC integration using Connect Cloud is released by SambaPOS, both can work together.

I am wrong - at least for my demo card machine, even it lets me type the amount, when I insert card it asks for waiter ID and table ID, so I don’t think it works in standalone mode with PAT.

The one at hotel you can change between standalone and intergration on startup if I remember right as the hotel we ordered stand alone but they sent ones ready to intergrate but was quick option to change.
Will see what happens, they said it was ready to go and wanted to test but didn’t have exe from samba, will have a play

OK at Monday we will start

You can change from supervisor menu, not on startup. It will remain in the mode you set after restart, but may revert back to default mode if you get a TMS call / update.

Switching back and forth is a hassle, so personally I’d wait until new PAC is released. Also I am assuming both can be used together, I do hope so, because this would be the real life case - they may use PAT for tables and PAC for takeaway, I have a few customers in that scenario.

Both PAT and current PAC exe can be downloaded from the kb site.

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I would have expected maybe PAC might be on its own for wired terminals but PAT and PAC to be available together for wireless machines

True as far as for usefulness however the integration is the same for either of the 3 models paymentsense offer, so PAT can work on wired (counter top) terminals as well even may not be so useful.

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