Payment Transcation To Account

Hi Everyone I like to share my situation
In my shop we have some service partner. When they order to shop and they will come and take the order but they are not pay money right when the time they come and take order.
But In the end of the month they will send total amount money send to our boss bank account directly.
So what i want to do is…

in there i want to put Delivery Service name when order came shop staff need to click that button and make order what they want for hold when they came and take order

above the pic i want to do like that
Can u guy show me the way of Configuration and link please

If it’s preorder there is setup for that, search the forum for preorder.
If they are running account you will need to use entity, either customer or a new entity type and setup accounts for that entity type, you’ll then see ‘customer account’ on payment screen (if you used customer entity type which pays the ticket with account and then charges to account and you then put your monthly payment in to the account via the accounts screen.