Payment type with manual amount entered than discounted


How would you enter manual total amount on payment page and than discount it by a percentage?

We receive orders from third party ordering systems which pay us certain amounts less a fee.


You cannot change the total amount of a ticket freely in an arbitrary fashion.

You could use Ticket Calculations to modify the Total by applying a Fixed Discount, and then a Percent Discount.

Are you looking for something like explained under Method 4?

Basically we have a online ordering partner who tells us the order and the total. I would like to enter the total as normal but enter the total myself.

No big issue at the moment will find a way to discount the total to match the ordering partners amount.

It it like commission?
If so it would be good to have a commission account to work similarly to discount and round calculation accounts. That way you can easily see the amount of ‘commission’ being deducted.
Don’t forget that commission is a legitimate business expense and adds up over a longer period.