Payments by Terminal Report does not include Account Payments

Hello. I’ve been using this Custom Report for a while and I just noticed that it doesn’t include Account Payments. How would you go about adding this payment option into the Report?

That Report uses T-SQL to read data from the [Payments] and [PaymentTypes] tables in the Database

The Account Transaction (Document) for “Cash Payment” is not a Payment Type (despite it’s name), so there will be no records in the [Payments] table for those Transactions. Payment Types are defined in Manage > Tickets > Payment Types, and you should see there that “Cash Payment” is not listed (nor should it be, because then it would appear on the Settle Screen, and it does not belong there).

So you need to get information about that Transaction Type elsewhere, using another method, be it T-SQL (ie. [AccountTransactionXXX] tables joined together) or a Report Tag (ie. {REPORT ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:X}.

To “bring the data together”, you need to make a decision as to which method to use, one or the other, but not both:

  • T-SQL [AccountTransactionXXX] tables joined together


Hi, can you give some more details on this report?

You need to report account payments rather than ticket payments.

But how do you bulk payment received from account screen with that received on payment screen.
For example, if a cashier receives cash form both screens , work period should show one cash figure for cash received from both screens.
Or is it possible to automate account screen to have pay button like on order screen that points to the payment screen?

you need to add account payments to your report.
default report reports ticket payments only.

{REPORT ACCOUNT PAYMENTS: like this does not return anything.

Any idea again please

I would want to have an outlook like this

Payments by Terminal
Terminal 1
Cash XXX
Card XXX
Account XXX
Customer Cash XXX - from account screen

Terminal 2
Cash XXX
Card XXX
Account XXX
Customer Cash XXX - from account screen

Would also be perfect if i can join customer cash payment with ticket cash payment

This is wrong syntax.


Thanks for your response. {REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS: return tag for Payment & Tickets, and i have used it. But {ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS: returns no tag

{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:Transaction Type: Account name}

Have a look at this report I did a while ago on a room account setup;

Please see and click on reports section. The knowledge base explains a lot about reports.