Paymentsense PAC issue

Hi all!

I have 2 POS and have just received 2 Paymentsense terminals.

I’ve followed all the setup on the KB but the gateway does not accept the Paymentsense URL and API key provided.

Having spoken to Paymentsense they confirm it is correct; they ALSO ask me to enter the TID (terminal ID) and there is nowhere to do this.

Anyone able to assist with this?

Can you send us an email:

Have emailed thanks…

In case anyone has a similar issue.

If you have two or more terminals once the connection is complete the gateway will show buttons at the top to select the correct terminal.

I had a further issue with the gateway showing “Incorrect URL / API key” - this was resolved by setting the gateway to always run as administrator

Thanks to Vehbi for his help and patience!!

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If you want to just have 1:1 card to till I beleive you can get seperate hostnames configured rather than a joint one. Although I may be thinking of older intergration pretty sure it still stands.


Yep - Paymentsense were a little mystified but it turned out the guy in their Connect team who knows how the integration with Sambapos works had a half day off… as soon as he was back, all good.

Apparently they are happy to create separate API containers for this purpose on request.