PayPal Here no Windows app?

Im in the process of moving to PayPal Here.

At the moment, we use a mobile phone and do it the way, however id like to at least have the windows app pop up for now until we can work out how to use the API.

It seems every time i download the app it sys its not available.

The PayPal here app says that PayPal here isnt available for windows 10.

Im confused, i thought it was all up and running ready to roll?

Anyone know anything?


@Jesse did a fair bit with PayPal and uses it himself. Probably the best person to comment.

im just wondering if the app isnt available in the uk at the moment?

Well a bit of bad news on the front of this. The repository for the paypal integration has been shutdown by paypal and appears to be depricated. I still have it however and can still make it work.

There is a windows app yes and I use it but the android and ios app are better. The windows app does not support the chip reader it only supports the headphone jack swiper. It may not be available in UK it was in the microsoft store here. Because I use the chip card readers I have switched to android tablets at my restaurant for payment.

The windows SDK I was working on would support chip reader and it could work with sambapos I just am not smart enough to code it.

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ok, thanks for that.

Ill just stick to using a spare phone we have at the moment. At least im not going mad!