Permanent association of Waiters to Tables?

Did this feature or question get resolved? We would like to assign tables to certain waiters. The way we have setup the waiters is as a Ticket Tag.

How are you looking to divide them?
Can you expand on how you wish to use that kind of setup?

You could have multiple entity screens dividing up the tables which are mapped to users…? But that would be less flexable in regards to adjusting whos tables are whos.

Thanks for the prompt reply. We have since removed the ticket tags and made the tickets not visible to other logins.

We only want the waiters to only see tables assigned to them. We were thinking about doing multiple entity screens as you mention, but were seeing what features were available outside of that.

Pretty sure there is a way to filter the tables on an entity screen by a variable like ticket tag as a posed to multiple entity screens.
Just depends on your business and planned use.
There will be several tutorials/topics on similar subjects you can read through and decide what will work best for you.

You could consider using Waiters as Entities and you can assign multiple Entities to a ticket. Table Entity and Waiter Entity for example can be both assigned same time.


Thanks for your help. I will definitely poke around to see what I find. :slight_smile:

Thanks Kendash. I tried that and had 4 entities, tables, morning waiters, evening and bartenders.

However when in the section: Entities/Entity Screens/Entity List: I would update the Tables list for example, then the morning waiters list would be updated to the same criteria.

Basically when correcting the entities with the Select Entity function, all of the entities reflect the last modification.
Does that make sense?

Thinking about this further, what we want to happen is:

  1. Assign entities to users.
  2. Color code those entities
  3. Within the Entity Screens, only show the user logged in their set of entities.

Is this possible?

You would need separate entity screens… but yes you can map screens to users.\

I am confused on your business flow… do the same waiters always have the same tables? You NEVER change it? That doesnt sound very efficient. What if an employee calls in and is not there? Maybe you havnt explained enough of your flow?

We are setting this up for a restaurant. We said the same thing. They have around 90 tables total, so want to limit the view of tables to cause less confusion.

Regarding what I am seeing when adding multiple entities, is this normal?

I would agree with kendash that a fixes table division sounds problematic/efficient.

Do you have a maitre d who could allocate tables as they come?
You should be able to use ticket state to filter visible tables.
While I don’t think you could have a variable filter like {CURRENTUSER}, which would mean an entity screen per user but each could be mapped on per user basis.
You would then need a way to set the table state relating to which waiter…
Perhaps an entity screen showing all tables (as the last screen so its not the default) just to allow the user to select the table number but once table is chosen you would only need refer to the first ‘user filtered’ table screen. This would also give you a reference page to see which tables are in use, and also should a waiter have to leave early the table could be ‘taken on’ by another waiter if required.

Ok that makes more sense. Another method would simply be divide the restaurant up in sections and name the sections. Include only those tables in each section inside their own entity screen. This gives you one screen with tabs ag top for each section. Waiters are simply assigned a section to work and you could map that screen to the specific user. I prefer leaving mapping open and just telling the waiter what section is theirs. This is how its done in most large restaurants. The waiter just selects their section at top and it shows only their tables. If a waiter asks someone to help in their section then you can still help in others people section. That is a realistic and real world flow.

I agree with @kendash Seperate sections and each waiter is assigned to that section. The only thing that would be interesting to have is maybe a hostess screen that has a table or a total number next to the employee name to see how many tables they have sat to that waiter. Right now we are using paper to track this so that there is a even number of tables given to each waiter. If not they will argue that they arent making enough in tips and it can get crazy!

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Thank you all. We were able to get this sorted with the Manager we are helping out.