Pickup and Delivery Datetime ticket custom Field

I am setting up for food retail two branches. Please i need urgent help in moving on with the setup since i have one week to finish setting up.
Steps :
1- I installed SambaPOS v4
2- I installed SQL Server Express
3- In SambaPOS v4 Local Settings I have setup the Connection string to the SQL db and it is connected.
4- I created few Products and few categories.

To Move On:
I need to setup PickUp with pickup time that is needed to appear in the ticket list.
I need to have Delivery setup also with delivery time.
Please Can someone inform me of the steps to follow and have them setup properly

I’d start with the delivery tutorial emre posted last week to form the core of the setup;

Thanks I will do that. I now uninstalled SQL 2012 and SambaPOS4 and will install SambaPOS v5 trial and SQL 2014 and move on from there because i plan to buy to SambaPos v5. I ll start with setting up delivery for that Thank you JTRTech. I ll change the main topic description later on the steps i undergo.

For what your planning the latest v5 would be a must, many features which will be perfect for you.
With a bit of adjustment/help you could also use the google address lookup and delivery route planner others have used :slight_smile:

I want to have for each Ticket DateTime custom mandatory input field when creating the ticket. I would need to have this field in the search fields when i display ticket list in Ticket Screen. How can I do that? Thanks for the previous help @JTRTech.

You want to change the ticket date on ticket creation?
Mind if I ask why?

There is an action for that - Update Ticket Date.
Could possibly use a [?Prompt] but expect you are likely get potential issues - be sure to set a mask for starters.
If you explain what your trying to do there may be a better way as think [?Prompt] could be problematic.
Need more info to offer better solution.

Oh No, maybe my question was not that clear.
I want to have for each ticket PickUp or Delivery (DateTime). Since my clients might call and ask for an order and that they wanted delivered at a certain date at a specific time. So I definitely dont want to touch the Ticket Creation Date but i want to have for each ticket when opening to attach DateTime. Later on this dateTime field i want to use it to see my pending tickets in Tickets List or a custom Search Screen so i can plan for the items in my orders and how to start doing them.

You will have a few options for that, ticket tag would probably be the best option so its nice and clearly visible on the ticket and can be input in to templates etc.
The [?Prompt] would be an option or depending on how specific you wanted to be you could have an automation command value list of options like each hour and half past the hour etc…

Adding Tag works Fine and using the regular expression: in the rule to give 2015-12-31 23:59



After Adding the Date Time Tag for my tickets. How can I search a list for a specific date or between two dates (mean List for me open tickets where the Ticket Tag Date is between A and B)

You could use SQL inside a custom Report to do that. Maybe build a Custom Entity Screen and use Editor Widget with masks for defining date and use a Custom Report Widget to display the desired report which would read the entry from the editor widget into the SQL for the report.

Advanced setup and your probably confused but its possible. I recommend looking at the time clock tutorials and maybe try the punch editor built by QMcKay for ideas.

Any Documentation coz i went to Reports in Manage Module and I didnt see its usual sql syntax .

Here is custom reports info…


Most custom reports dont use SQL they use Custom Report Tags. SQL is an option however and it can be more flexible because your not limited by the tags. Custom Report Tags are easier and can cover most situations but for what you want to do you probably need SQL and some jscript.

SQL is not a SambaPOS feature but Custom Reports supports SQL. To learn SQL you should probably google SQL or look up some SQL tutorials with Google. You should probably also use MSSMS to look at and learn the Database Tables and how they interact so you can use SQL to get what you want.

Thank you I can manage with SQL syntax.
I have seen that i can have a screen that displays a report.
I want to have on that screen the filter criteria input and according to that criteria i want to execute my sql and display the table on screen. Is that Possible to do?
Its like custom Search Screen

I am aiming at having a report with start date and end date as search criteria and display grouped by date(from Ticket Tag delivery Date)Items without having (modifiers or order tags added)
and another report displaying grouped by date(from Ticket Tag delivery Date)Items that have (modifiers or order tags added)

Edit: Database Removed (Emre)

I have attached database with configuration for sambapos v5
Admin Login: 1234

The restaurant is Delivery or Pick up (where the orders are usually taken by phone prior than the pickup date)
Product with Modifiers: Salads.
I have created the Delivery module.
I have two Ticket Types, Ticket and Delivery Ticket.
I added Date Time as Ticket Tag to specify for each ticket.

I still need to be able to create my custom report screen according to the Pickup/Delivery DAte Time and ability to filter the products that dont have any Modifier Tags.

Please can someone have a look at my system if its setup fine and practical to work on. The two branch restaurant is opening next week and i guess i wont be able to set everything properly without help.

I ordered a 25" touch screen i7 16GBRAM Windows 10 desktop to be used as the server and the terminal. After i get it i will start working on setting up normal laser printer to print my reports and tickets. I will also start working on setting up access to tablets and have the other store branch connecting to this.

Please if someone can validate what i have done and proper to use. Thanks

I’ve removed your database backup.

Please don’t share your database backup unless requested by forum staff and only send via PM.


See this post for creating a report that works by delivery date.

This post demonstrates creating a custom screen. See Passing parameters to Custom Report Viewer Widget section.

This post also demonstrates some related features.

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