Pin input problem with card

Hi :slight_smile:

I bought it

and contactless wristband

I can not program them

pls help me

I will use it for pin entry

Pin will only accept digets so pun would be just the numbers of that.
What standard of frid is that, is it seems very short for newer standards and 125khz fobs are usually 10 digest number.

Are those wristbands re-writable?

What you want to do is write on them a unique ID and then, assuming this is for SambaPOS, add those to system … and make sure you have a software that reads them.

You shouldnt need to rewrite them so long as they are all different and contain at least 4 digets.
The letters will be ignored by samba so you should be able to use them as they are just setting the pin as the numbers from the id.

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I only now realized what he meant with “pin entry” silly me :sweat_smile:

Cool Idea!
Following, please update progress :slight_smile:

You can get those bands on old style 125khz rfid band which is just a 10 diget id when swipped and readers are on ebay for arround £5