Pizza Halves Combined in KOT, Bill

Hi All,

So this a test setup for Pizza Delivery Place. I was wondering what the solution is for the following scenario.

A customer orders 2 Pizzas.

1x Chicken Pizza.Half
1x Beef Pizza.Half
1x Chicken Pizza.Half
1x Beef Pizza.Half

The customer wants 2 pizzas which has 2 different flavours. since the flavour is same the pizza is combined.
therefore the KOT and Bill is as follows.

2x Chicken Pizza.Half
2x Beef Pizza.Half

This confuses the chef. Please let me know the possible solutions for this. I use portions Whole and Half.

On your ticket template there is a drop down box to select whether you want to combine orders or leave them separate, i cant remember the exact wording but look at your ticket templates and the options are there

I think it’s much better to use order tags for pizza toppings.
You can search the forum for order tags you will find lots off information about it