Pizza Place Half and Half Pizzas

Does anyone have a nice idea on how to solve the HALF and HALF Pizza problem?

I have 25 pizza flavors, and you can ask for a big or medium pizza to be half one flavor and half another flavor.

until now, I had no problem since we charged the client to most expensie one. But now I am facing the problem tat I cannot sell this way since I have installed a printer in the kitchen and the cook needs to know the exact flavors in order to cook it.

I would gladly accept suggestions on how to implement sucha scenario!!!1



Is the price of the pizza depends on the number of flavors put on it??

not a must… I could still go with the price of one of the flavors (in my case the most expensive one)



So I did not understand what the problem is?
You set the price for pizza and free of charge flavors and the ability to print what you want in the kitchen and it will not change the price to the customer

ok, let me try again…

we have 25 pizza flavors, mussarela, calabresa, mista, peperoni, frango, frango catupiry… and so on…

we have 3 pizza sizes, family, big, medium

we usually sell for example

1 family half peproni half muzzarela

that means that in the kitchen printer it should say

1 familia 1/2 Peperoni 1/2 Muzzarella

the price charged to the client cuold be either the family peperoni (wich is the most expensive one in this example) or half price peproni and half price mussarella.



Pizza partition problem is an old problem.
The most convenient way is to
Charging a fixed price for the pizza and allow the customer to choose flavors half and half
For example in my pizzeria we determined that a large pizza costs 65 and the customer gets to choose one flavor
Or half and half
If you want to charge the customer by flavors on the pizza the only way to do that is to set a price for Slice.
This means that if for example a large tray pepperoni price exceeds 8 then set the price for Slice 1
For example, if the customer requests a half pepperoni and half olives
  Then you print the kitchen 4 Pepperoni
  4 Olives.
I hope this helps
I work this way and it’s really easy for me
But not all that good for me necessarily good for everyone.
Good luck :smiley:

pricing is not a problem here…

Did you implement this with portons? or order tags?

implementing what you mentioned seems a littel bit tricky since you have to add order tags or portion every time you select a pizza. so lets say that 50% of the time you sell a half and half and the other 50% you sell whole pizzas. That means that 50% of the time you have to select both halfs… when you should not.



i implement flavors with order tags and half and half with order tags prefix
so, when i dont need half and half i use only the order tags for whole pizza.

I solved it this way:

  1. I added a Prefix

  2. Then I added all the pizza flavors as order tags but with a Filter, in this case the filter is the Prefix (METADE)

So the result is:

Hope this becomes usefull for others!!!


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