Play Sound & Send Message to users for various events

@JohnS if you were a woman I would ask you to marry me! that works brilliantly!! can’t thank you enough for all your help. I’m sure I will run out of ideas soon and leave you in peace!

**IGNORE THIS - I’m being an idiot :slight_smile: just realised why it was doing it! ** I added 3 receive message rules but only needed 1 which handled either of the broadcasts!

@JohnS been giving this a good test with 4 users and changed the rule as suggested for message received to {:CURRENTUSER} when the user receives the message they have to click ok 3 times for the message to clear. any ideas ? I have tested this on tablets connected via rdp and also direct from console

I have set this up with 3 message received rules - 1 for drinks 1 for food 1 for desserts and added these to the 3 different ‘order ready’ rules

all works great with exception of having to click 3 times to clear the message.

Its no big deal - so no rush - I’ve already taken enough of your time :slight_smile:

When you use {:CURRENTUSER} you can send any message you want to that user without any additional Food Ready Received rules.
If it was still set to “Food Ready” I would change that to “Order Ready” so you could send
Rob - Drinks Order Ready for Table 7
Rob - Food Order Ready for Table 11

Using {:CURRENTUSER} also means you could send a message like
Rob - Please come to the Kitchen

@JohnS great work John - I have now added a ‘Panic’ button so that is a user is having any difficulty it sends a message to all terminals requesting assistance! our premises is split over 3 floors so that will be great… @emre SAMBAPOS is brilliant!!! So many features - it just needs an Idea and the help of Genius JohnS or Emre and Ideas become reality!

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Just a quick question if I wanted to include the department Name that a user is currently in, in one of the messages what would the syntax be ?



should work. Give it try.

did the trick! thanks again

Hi John,

Read this post and have a vague idea what we are trying to do. But my scenario is per the first request. IE: I am using your Kitchen Display DB and have a terminal in the kitchen that only display kitchen Orders.

How do I get the VLC player to play the mp3 (on the local kitchen terminal) whenever any changes are made to any tickets that appear in the Kitchen display.

This could include Order added, modified etc to voiding and cancelling.

Thanks again in advance

@satianv, give me a few days and I’ll put together a tutorial.