Play Sound & Send Message to users for various events

Hi I was wondering if it was possible to configure an action to play a sound.

Reason : I would like if possible the PC that I have for kitchen display to play a sound file when a new order is added. Is this possible through actions and rules?

Many Thanks


Yes it is.
I have VLC player set as default for MP3’s and use this Action.
Open VLC and minimize it and it will stay minimized whenever a sound is played.

Just set your MP3 filename in the Action, and assign this Action to a Rule and your set.


Cheers @JohnS John I will give it a try :smile:

Hi @JohnS John

I have managed to get this to play a file but it will only play on the machine that I create the ticket on. Is there a way to make this play on another machine?

My Kitchen screen shows new orders in a ticket lister. I would like it to play the sound as a new ticket appears.

I have added the ‘play sound’ action into the ‘ticket closing rule’ so when the ticket is printed the sound plays, but as I say this is only playing on the machine that the ticket is created on.


This is a good use for the Broadcast Message Action.

I will provide a setup shortly.

Hi John

I have been playing and have managed to get this to work - have been looking at ’ Show Message ’ action which I’ve also been able to broadcast, which is great. Now when an order is ready a message displays on the waiters tablet to say an order is ready, is it possible to include information such as {ENTITY NAME:Table} I have tried using that format but it displays as it is and doesn’t display the actual table.



I would also like to include ‘user name’ if this is possible so the message format would be :-

‘User Name’ Food Order Ready ‘Entity : Table No’

I have set this up and is working for our different departments just need the missing piece to make it perfect :smile:

Might be best to use Ticket Tags to store the Waiters username.
On Ticket Created rule set Ticket Tag Waiter to {:CURRENTUSER}
Then when you send the message to say the order is ready, use {TICKET TAG:Waiter}

Hi John
I have tried this but cant seem to get this working.

Created Ticket TAG - this works and when ticket is created the username appears in the tag on new tickets
but when I set the ‘Show Message’ as follows

The displayed message shows as :-

I also need to know what I need to type to display current table. so that I can get the final message to display as :-

‘Fred’ Food Ready for ‘Table 4’

Can you please show a screen shot of the Rule you use with this Action.

The reason why it is not working is {ENTITY NAME:Table} and {TICKET TAG:Waiter} values are retrieved from the Ticket. In order to get these values, the Ticket needs to be open using the Load Ticket Action. Now this is not easy being on the remote computer as you are not sending any Ticket ID’s.

So to get around this you need to send all the info in the Broadcast Message Action. Make sure the Broadcast Message Action is before the Close Ticket Action in the Order Ready Rule

{TICKET TAG:Waiter} - Food Ready for Table (ENTITY NAME:Table}

Then have this Rule to receive the message

Basically you send the message Rob - Food Ready for Table 12, the Rule checks if it contains Food Ready and then displays what was sent -> Rob - Food Ready for Table 12

@JohnS I have followed this - in the screen shot above where you have the selected action as ‘display message’ I do not have the ‘value’ field just constraint? not sure why ?

quick update
I now have the name displayed - but it shows the username of whoever is logged on to the terminal - although the value is set from ‘ticket tag : water’ and when you open the ticket the tag shows the original user that created the ticket - so that part is correct. also it is still not passing the {ENTITY NAME:Table} and this is just blank

so the message reads

Rob Food order ready Table

Display Message in my system is the Show Message Action.

I’ll have to setup my system and test further.

same here - display message is the same action

Rob, I just need to test a few more times and I’ll have the solution.

@JohnS your a star! cheers for this - it’ll be a great addition to our setup

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