Please help me, printers and more

Not certain this is an Inventory question @Jesse, however…

@igal, we need more information on what you’re trying to accomplish - a better description.

Is it 3 different soups per day? This can be limited in the Menu as to what is shown for selection.
Maybe a Custom Product Tag would help.
How about Product Timers?
How many Soups in total do you have?
Is this a Ticket Limit, or a Daily Limit for any Tickets?

is a order to the kitchen when i need the second dish. :slight_smile:

It is inventory question. If I have only few dishes left I would like to limit it to that exact amount. Its a daily limit .

We are currently discussing a possible solution to this in another topic, so please have patience - it may be a few days before implementation.

Try this… it won’t track actual Physical Inventory, but should suffice for the purpose of your Soup example: