Please help problem with reopen settled ticket

When I try to open closed ticket before I click at the reopen settled button the SETTLE button should not be
click able but it not

this is what it look like when click ReOpen Settled

and when i try to choose product that I want to refund. and then refund button disappear

Only Void botton I have.


The reason your only seeing void is probably because the status submitted. I don’t know what your refund button does without seeing your action/rules for it but Void does the same thing if your just wanting to refund money for the item.

Sounds like your ticket is already reopened. Look through your rules you might have a constraint wrong or something.

Yes for refund money

I follow the tutorial and I checked everything over and over again it the same but result different :frowning:

Void does the same thing. But reason you cannot see your button is because its in submitted state.

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How to fix that ??? Thanks

The mapping parameters for the Automation Command determines when a button is visible and enabled.

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Thank you very much I will try :slight_smile: