Please help with print bill

I use default ticket template and when I close order the only thing it print is this

Only Date,Time.Table,Ticket No,and Product are show on a receipt.

Can anyone please tell me how to fix this??? Thanks

Can you give more specific information. Show us your Print Jobs and how your Print Bill is mapped. I am assuming you are wanting a customer receipt after payment?

If that is the case then you need to go to Print jobs and find your Print Bill. On Print mapping make sure printer template is Ticket Template.

Or you can just make a print job to do it for you. Make a print job called Print Customer Receipt or Print Receipt whatever you want to name it. For mapping make sure > Ticket Printer and > Ticket Template are mapped can leave product group and product default if you want a receipt for every type of transaction. Make sure it is set to All Lines on Printing Content.

Then make an action named > Print Receipt Action Type > Execute Print Job Print Job Name should be the Print Job you just made can leave everything else blank.

Then make a rule called Print Receipt Event Name: > Payment Processed put the custom constraint to > Remaining Ammount > Equals > 0 Select the Print Receipt action you just made. Log out and log back in and see if that works.

Hi This is my print job thanks :slight_smile:

I customized mine to run off payment processed as i described above because I run a quick service restaurant if you run tables and you actually print bills yours may be setup differently. But the setup i described above will print you a customer receipt when you process payment and it is paid full. Also I modified mine pretty extensively from the original setup I dont remember which rule is printing the ticket on payment by default. If you find that you can set it to Print Bill print job and it will work

its work thank you appreciate :blush: