Please how to connect other terminal to sambapos

I am new to sambapos I just installed it on a computer which is going to act as the server and am having some problems connecting another computer to it
I will be having about 5 other Terminal. I will love your help

Check out it has step by step for that.

If you still need help after that feel free to come back here and let us know what part your stuck on.

Welcome to the forum. I changed your topic to a question the tutorial category is where we post and share various useful setups the community had built.


install sql server on server connect sambpos database to sql server and string sql server link to other terminals.

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I think there should be a post with this link stickied. A lot of people don’t know about that site.

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thank you so very much

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Here is a specific link for you:

It needs a few updates like for example SQL Server 2017 can also be used even though its not listed.

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i have installed the MSSQL 2008 R2 and i have set ip up but from the SambaPOS i can’nt make a connection to the sever

You will need to post some specific screenshots so we can understand what it is doing. Any error messages, logs etc.

Remember we are blind to your computer we can not see what is happening you have to show us.

okay i will send some now

I have all the Server Services working only for the SQL Sever Agent

this is the string link for sql but here change pc to ur system name ans password of ur sql server and instant id of sql server change all this.

Data Source=PC; User Id=sa; Password=sa123; Database=SambaPOS5;

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Any particular reason you chose to install SQL Server release that is over 10 years old?

You should install SQL Server 2017 Express ideally, or at least SQL Server 2014 Express.

SambaPOS will still work with MSSQL 2008 R2 I believe but it just seems a strange choice to use an old version and lose out on any improvements implemented in more recent versions.


Thank you
But I tried that but it will not just install
It told me my system does not meet the requirement
So I had to do 2008 R2

Yes I believe 2017 minimum requirement is Windows 10. However 2014 would install on windows 7 without any problem so you should use that.

Please note if your system cannot install 2014 you system spec must be very low and unlikely to support SambaPOS as well.

What is the CPU and RAM of your system?

thank you.
Yes I have been able to connect to the Database I could only install 2008 R2 and its works for me

Now I have another problem at hand after connecting to the database and installing sambapos one the other computer. it’s still operating as a stand-alone
what can be done?

Show your Database Connection settings screen.