Please send me link for downloading sambapos 4.1.82 to reinstall

please send me link for downloading sambapos 4.1.82
last year i have purchase sum module from Sambapos 4.1.82.
my computer got crashed, now i want to reinstall Sambapos 4.1.82 but i cant get setup file.
can you please send me the link to download same

SambaPOS company have decided to remove all V4 downloads from their website now. Even the old V4 links no longer work.

Some people may have a copy they can share with you but it would appear there is no longer any official download for V4.

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I pmed you with the link.


i am hoping this will not happen to version 5,signs of times suggest that we are headed in a wrong destiny

Please send me too.

Hi have the same problem, I’m going to replace the PC and I need to reinstall SambaPos 4. Can you please send me the link to download it? Thank you!

Version 4 is no longer available from sambapos you will need to find someone with it that can get it to you.

It’s time you upgrade to v5 honestly.

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I read your post I can send you a copy of installer

where o how to post here?


Can anyone have a 4.1.57 installer??

Thanks a lot

I don’t think version 4.1.57 exists; 55 and 58 exist.

None of version 4 exist from Sambapos it’s been removed. To get v4 you will need to find someone to share it with you. It’s highly recommended to switch to v5.

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Just letting him know that version 56 and 57 were skipped and were probably testing versions. I have download links for 55 and 58.

I have is pro samba pos v4

I have a v4 download on my site;
Its a product but £0, you just need to register/checkout to access.
As kendash said though V5 is reconmended, so many improvements over v4 its well worth upgrading.

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Please send it to me

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V4 is no longer supported. V5 is the current version.

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Closing this topic there is no reason to keep bumping it.