Points as tender?

Giftcard isnt happening here. Have sold maybe 5 in the last 6 months.

I now have 2000 unused cards, so need to approach this on another angle.

I can do the points set up… but can it be done that points are used as tender? I cant see anything on the forum about it?


Would you not just convert points into discount?
If you tender it it is sales youll pay tax on but your ‘giving it away’/discounting through loyalty setup so isnt sales.

If you want it configured as a tender then follow the Samba Card tutorial for v3.
Here is a post containing a link to the original post and also an export file.

As @JTRTech mentions, I think that this ‘credit’ should be applied as a discount as no money has been exchanged.
You can see my discussion with QMcKay and how this was achieved here Loyalty Card Credit as Discount vs Tender

Using points as a payment method literally means defining a new foreign currency. You need to track separate customer balance in that currency and also define prices for products in that currency. You’ll also need a kind of currency conversion. To be able to say… “you can pay $10 or 5000 points”. I believe this is really complex scheme for restaurants and operating it properly really needs kind of expertise on that area. This is similar to airline’s mile promotions and I believe they benefit from that by adjusting dynamic conversion rates that chances according to customer’s demand.