Pole display incorrect total


My pole display does not resemble the totals on my ticket at all. Could someone inform me where the templates or documentation is for this please?



Thank you for the information. The pole printer is working fine as I can change the Pole Banner Display wording quite easily. However I have tried to copy and paste the templates suggested and the prices do not show correctly. Is there any other suggested templates anywhere?

Currently using the templates suggested my Pole Total Screen looks something like this:

Total 10.90
Total 4.70

10.90 is the correct amount and 4.70 is the last item amount.

I managed to get the items to display once but cant repeat this, however the screen was locked on 2 lines only so it was a bit pointless as more than 2 items are often entered.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


Show us your Templates for Total, Item, Banner, etc.

You also need to ensure you have the appropriate Actions and Rules set up to fire the Pole Display Print Jobs.

With more information, we can hep you better, and spot any errors or deficiencies.

Hi QMcKay

I dont seem to be having problems with my Pole Banner so have included the screenshots relating to the items and totals.

I cant seem to find an easy way to copy and paste the screenshots so I will send a pdf attachment, hope you can see this

Pole Items Template:
SambaScreenshots-1.pdf (257.8 KB)

Show the Execute Print Job Actions.

Alt-Prt Scr will capture your screen to the clipboard.

Ctrl-V will paste the clipboard into this text box

Or you can drag/drop an image into this text box.

Or you use the Upload icon to browse for an image file.

It is better to see the images in this forum than needing to download a PDF or use a remote image host.


I tried the Alt_prt Scr and Ctrl V as this however I didnt realise you cant see it other than in the preview so here goes again, thanks:

Pole Display Items Template

Pole Display Total Template

Print Job Pole Display Items

Print Job Pole Display Total

Action Pole Display Items

Action Pole Display Total

Rule ( Ticket total changed) Pole Display Items

Rule ( Change amount updated) Pole Display Total

Change these items and let me know how it works out.

You may also need some more Rules - I have 9 in total …


I have changed the actions and templates as suggested, however I have over 40 rules, compared to the 9 you mentioned? Is this excessive? I did not create any of these myself.

Screen shot of the rules:

Most of those rules are default rules setup for you on install. If you delete those Samba will not work. SambaPOS is built on those rules it is very dynamic. You have total control over how it functions via Actions and Rules. It is not a program you install and it just works like most. This is what makes it unique. YOu can customize it to your own business exactly how you want.

This means that you can change the default rules if you want and Samba will behave exactly how you tell it too. Most POS systems do not allow this you have to go through a painful process of communication with the developer to get it to do what you want and even then often they will refuse.

What I am saying is when you install Samba it installs some default rules and actions for you these are what powers it. Without these it would do nothing. You can go change these if you wish meaning you might break it and it wont work if your not sure… but it also means once you do learn how it works you have a VERY powerful option in that you can customize it exactly how you want it.

LOL, no, not at all. Don’t mess with those that you do not understand, because you will break default functionality of the POS. I have 120+ Rules. But only 9 of them pertain to the Pole Display.

Rules are triggered by Events. For example, the event Ticket Total Changed is thrown, and Rules that are defined to react to that Event will fire Actions.

I will post some screenshots…

Pole Printer

Pole Items - Printer Template

Pole Total - Printer Template

Pole Banner - Printer Template

Pole Items - Print Job

Pole Total - Print Job

Pole Banner - Print Job

Actions …

Pole Items - Execute Print Job

Pole Total - Execute Print Job

Pole Banner - Execute Print Job


Pole Items - Ticket Total Changed

Pole Total - Settle Automation Command

Pole Total - Change Amount Updated

Pole Total - Ticket Opened

Pole Banner - Ticket Closed

Pole Banner - User Login

Pole Banner - User Logout

Yeesh. I just realized all those screenshots are almost exactly the same as the ones I posted in the Tutorial.

What kind of Pole Display do you have?

How is your Printer defined for the Pole Display?

It might have something to do with the way your display prints by default. The <XCT> code in the Banner Template is responsible for altering how the Display wraps and clears lines, etc…


Since the Banner Print Job fires on User Login and during other events, this essentially sets up the Pole Display to behave a certain way from the point forward.

You may need to change that code based on the make and model of your printer… or you could try removing the <XCT> line altogether.


The pole display is attached to my screen which has 4POS on it. It is set up as per the following screenshot

Have you tried setting the Line Count to 2?

What is the model of the Pole Display?


Setting the line count to 2 seems to have worked! Thanks. :smile:

The only small issue I have now is that the Banner is displaying in the wrong order ( line 2 before Line 1 ) I have tried putting back in but this hasn’t worked, its not a big issue so if you cant think of anything dont worry we can live with this.

Thanks for your help!

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I have read and went through all pole display forums . My pole display is still not working correctly. i am using Logic Controls PD-3100 POS
i have read the manual

these are my actions, rules, printer jobs,templates . and images of my pole display

i have tried

<C>Welcome to
<C>My Restaurant

in pole banner and got

That is basically the same model that I use. Use the Templates that I posted in this thread.

i found the problem i am using windows 10 pole display is not compatible

I find that hard to believe. I run Windows 10, previously 8.1, previously 7 with my PD3000 and it works great.

You are getting output on the display - it is even showing some correct information - but it looks like it is not clearing before it prints, so it looks “scrambled”.

What are the port settings for baud, stop bits, etc as shown in the original tutorial?