Pop up a web window

Our merchant has over 2000 members in a database. They need to check the discount level of guests and display the info on the bill. When making a payment, is it possible for sambapos to pop up a web window allow to search for the member number and be able to export out the ticket amount?

maybe put a button on the order screen, is it possible?

You could have these customers shown in Select Customer button, but youll need to create an app that will sync these customers and their points using SambaPOS API

I think she doesnt want to “import” the members to sambapos.

There is an Action can be created to do “popup browser” but I have tried but no pop-up.

Maybe it only works with older version of IE? I am using Windows 11 with Edge.

The Automation Command for the action executes an automation command. It isn’t for responding to an automation command. YOu’ll have to create a rule that executes on the automation command “POPUP” and add the action to that.

In later releases of SambaPOS the embedded browser is Chrome - it doesn’t launch/use IE/Edge.

You must use an Automation Command Executed rule. You can not execute actions directly with just a command.