Pop up window tags and sizes


Can I use pop-up windows for portions or tags? For example, a New window pops up Asking about size when I choose my pizza. Or even better a chain of sequence of Windows come up when I choose steak. For instance. I press stake , a pop-up ask me about cooking (rare, medium, well done). I Select medium and then another window pops up asking me about sauce (pepper, mushroom, lemon)

That way I eliminate my waitresses’ memory problem :slight_smile:

Another scenario is for coffees with size and sugar.

Thank you in advance.

Is this not the same as what you asked earlier in a previous post?

Yes… Can you delete one of them?

Seriously… How can you be so fast in responses??? Better than the paid services. Impressive!!!

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:slight_smile: It’s the users that make this community fantastic!